Research in the Tucker Lab focuses on developing new tools to sense and manipulate the intracellular environment, and using these tools to understand dynamic cellular processes. A major focus is in developing ways that we can inducibly regulate and control fundamental molecular events such as protein trafficking, proteolysis, gene expression, and intracellular signaling using inducers such as light (optogenetic tools) or chemicals. Such technologies allow us to regulate biochemical events and cellular behaviors dynamically in live cells with spatial and temporal precision. We are applying these engineered protein tools in new ways to regulate intracellular processes in cell biology and neuroscience. We use a variety of interdisciplinary methods in the lab, ranging from biochemistry and protein engineering, to yeast genetics and screening, to molecular biology, cell biology, and imaging.


- Mar 2021 - Carmen's paper on biomolecular condensate disruption ("DisCo") is accepted at Nature Communications!

- July 2020- Joe publishes his paper on light-activated SNAP-tag in ACS Chemical Biology. Congrats Joe!

- May 2020 - Troy graduates with his Master's Degree!

- Feb 2020 - We welcome Amir back to the lab!

- Congrats to Carmen for being chosen for the 2019 Pew Latin American Fellows Program !!

-Jan 2019 - Light activated neurotoxin paper in press at Neuron!


***We are looking for motivated scientists at all levels- interested students and postdocs can contact us here***

Mail Stop 8303, Box 6511, Aurora, CO 80045