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Oct 2018 - Sarah joins the lab!

-Sept 2018 - Chandra co-organizer of Janelia 'Genetic control of neuronal activity V' workshop

-Sept 2018 - Lab gets new Brain Initiative grant, collaboration with Kennedy and Ford labs.

-Feb 2018 - Carmen joins the lab!

- Dec 2017: Chandra co-organizer of ASCB/EMBO workshop, 'Probing the spatiotemporal limits: new imaging methods and molecular tools and their applications in cell biology'

- Summer 2017: Kyle leaves for grad school at UCLA, Qi joins startup company; Joe and Kaiah join the lab!

-Sept 2017: R21 awarded to develop new optogenetic tools

- March 2017, Jess defends her thesis! Gopal and Jess's paper accepted in NAR.

- Nov 2016, Chandra co-organizer of Janelia farm workshop, 'Genetic control of neuronal activity IV'

- Sept 2016, Chrissy joins the lab!

-May 2016, Chandra speaks at EMBO Practical Course: Non-neuronal Optogenetics

- April 2016, Amir's paper "Optimized second generation CRY2/CIB dimerizers and photoactivatable Cre recombinase" in press at Nature Chemical Biology

- Tucker and Kennedy labs awarded Brain Initiative R21 grant to develop new neuronal tools! (Sept 2015)

Dec 2015, optogenetics research highlighted in Nature magazine, 'Micromanagement with light'

- Jess's paper 'Optical control of peroxisomal trafficking' published in ACS Chemical Biology (Nov 2015)

-Chandra co-organizes Keystone Symposia on Optogenetics, March 2015 in Denver!

- Amir's CRY2olig paper highlighted in Nature Methods, Nov 2014 issue

- Gopal's paper 'Benchmarking of optical dimerizer systems' published

- Amir's paper "An optimized optogenetic clustering tool for probing protein interaction and function" published at Nature Communications (Sept 2014)

- June 2014: Chandra speaks at the Primary Hyperoxaluria meeting in Chicago

-Apr,May 2014: Chandra gives talk at the Photosensory Biology Gordon Conference in Lucca, Italy and the Janelia workshop, 'Genetic Control of Neuronal Activity'

-July 2013: Tucker and Kennedy labs receive McKnight Foundation Technology Innovations in Neuroscience Award!

- June 2013: Tucker and Kennedy labs receive Brain Research Foundation Seed grant for optogenetics!

- June 2013: Chandra gives talk at CLEO meeting in San Jose

- Jan 2013: " Light-dependent, dark-promoted interaction between Arabidopsis cryptochrome1 and phytochrome B" chosen as one of the best papers published in JBC of the year!

- Amir's photo gets cover of Biology of the Cell:

- Nov 2012 -Manuscript "Rapid profiling of disease alleles using a tunable reporter of protein misfolding" highlighted in Nature Reviews Genetics!

- Sept 2012 -Manuscript "Rapid profiling of disease alleles using a tunable reporter of protein misfolding" scheduled for publication in Nov issue of GENETICS (also highlighted in Nature Reviews Genetics!)

- Sept 2012 - Chandra gives a talk at INSERM optogenetics meeting in Bordeaux, France

- Sept 2012 - Methods paper "Light-mediated control of DNA transcription in yeast" published online!

- Sept 2012 - New faces for Fall: Brent rotates in the lab, Vivian and Tiffany join as undergraduate helpers.

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